Bringing Up Bates: Carlin and Trace’s grad party is going to be a BIG one

Party-planner Carlin and Trace on tonight's Bringing Up Bates
Party-planner Carlin and Trace on tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates

On tonight’s episode of Bringing Up Bates, Kelly Jo has fallen ill at JUST the wrong time — as the family prepare for Trace and Carlin’s graduation party.

The party is just a day away so when she ends up bed-ridden it’s up to Carlin to take over as chief party-planner, which is not a small job when you’re part of a family this big.

The bad news is she doesn’t seem to know how many people are coming!

And when dad Gil has a guesstimate at 100 people, Carlin looks at him incredulous and says: “Dad, 100 people is just us and the relatives!”

She estimates around 250 people will turn up, but with some help from her brothers and sisters, can Carlin do the business and make their party one to remember?

Erin — who gave birth to second child Brooklyn Elise this week — said: “It was a shocker for most of us, especially Carlin, when she realised mum was really, really sick right before her big party.”

Carlin says she would have really struggled if Erin hadn’t helped her map out the whole design for the party on paper, with things like the stage and the seats.

And she admitted none of it was in her head — so if the papers with the plans on went missing, they’d be in trouble!

Kelly Jo said: “It was not the norm for me to step back and let somebody else take charge but I knew that this was a time of her to be able to shine and say, ‘hey, I can do this’.”

Bringing Up Bates Season 4, Episode 11 preview

Bringing Up Bates episode Bates Make the Grade airs tonight at 9pm on UP.

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