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Bridezillas returns for Season 11 with CountryZilla and COUGARZilla

Carmen having meltdown on Bridezillas Season 11 premiere
Cougar Carmen having an epic meltdown on the Season 11 premiere of Bridezillas on WETV

Bridezillas is back for Season 11 after a five-year hiatus — with an epic new batch of women who know JUST how they want their weddings to be.

The premiere features “CountryZilla” Natashia aka “Poundcake” whose angry alter-ego comes out to play when she has to deal with a missing groom, mama dramas and flower fails.

Fans will also get to meet delightful “COUGARZilla” Carmen, who ends up in total meltdown mode over her photographer, who goes missing in action, and bride tribe’s makeup artist.

The new season of Bridezillas on WEtv will air over ten hour-long episodes with more over-the-top brides than you can shake a wedding bouquet at.

The network said of the new season: “The series continues to celebrate the craziest, most over-the-top brides wreaking wedding day hell with epic meltdowns, family feuds and social media wars!”

Watch the sneak peek for tonight’s Bridezillas Season 11 premiere below!

Bridezillas airs Fridays at 10/9c on WEtv.

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