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Bridezillas exclusive: Serial fiancee Veronica gets cold feet EVERY time she gets engaged

Jesse and serial runaway bride Veronica on Bridezillas
Jesse and serial runaway bride Veronica on the new season premiere of Bridezillas

Meet Veronica from this week’s season premiere of Bridezillas — who is a serial runaway fiancee!

The 32-year-old has been engaged several times but never managed to go through with tying the knot.

Now she’s set to get hitched to new beau Jesse, but will she manage to go the distance and finally get married without running off into the sunset?

Jesse, who at 25 is seven years Veronica’s junior, is the fiance who’s managed to last the longest. Question is, will he be able to keep her around until the big day?

Watch our exclusive clip from the return of Bridezillas below, as Veronica reveals how she was stunned when Jesse asked her to marry him.

She says: “Him proposing to me was an absolute shock, and I called him crazy and stupid for doing it. Like, I wouldn’t want to marry me.

“As soon as that music cues for me to walk out, I see myself like ‘no, no, no, no’ and then turn around.”

Jesse is left looking somewhat uncomfortable as she adds: “I’ve run away from multiple engagements before. He’s made it the farthest, and I can’t pinpoint why — at all.”

The pair have one child together, but Veronica already has three kids from previous relationships — and Jesse is only eight years older than her eldest child.

Veronica says: “I technically have four children, but Jesse’s my fifth.”

Bridezillas returns tonight, June 1, at 10/9c on WE tv.