Brianne from My 600-lb update: How is she doing now?

Brianne is playing softball as she loses more weight. Pic credit: TLC

You can count Brianne Dias of Florence, Oregon as one of Dr. Nowzaradan’s biggest successes of the season thus far on My 600-lb Life.

She has lost over 400 pounds, is playing softball and keeping on track, and is using her social media to stay inspired and reach out to fans.

Bri is using her Facebook to keep her fans motivated as she loses more weight. Pic credit: Brianne Dias/Facebook

Her carer Rick and his daughter Catrina are waiting on Brianne to get skin removal surgery after the near 400 pounds she has lost post surgery in Houston.

“It’s difficult to see her in this condition…it’s like I am taking care of a child.” he said in last night’s episode.

Before, shower days were tough and exhausted Brianne, as she had to be on her feet for a long time, and she had to take breaks as she cleaned herself.

A large lymphoma mass under her stomach had to be lubricated with cream to prevent chafing too.

“At this point, food is the only reason I get up” she said.

Rick facilitated any food she wants to avoid fights but he has relearned his behavior too.

He said: “I want her to be healthy but it is the instant wanting her to be happy that overrides a lot.”

Looking back, Brianne recalled how her dad called her fat. She was a wild child who partied a lot.

Adding to this trauma was the fact she was raped as a teen (age 19) at a party, and all of this just made her weight gain skyrocket.

She later was in a relationship, became pregnant and her dad cut all ties with her. She had a miscarriage and the guy split. After that, Bri wanted out and asked to live with her grandparents in Las Vegas.

Nearing 500 pounds, she fell back into partying a lot. Then something good happened. She met Rick at a convenience store and he fell in love with her personality. His daughter Catrina became a positive focus for Brianne. Catrina needed her too.

Bri quit her job after she passed the 500 pound threshold. They had to move to Oregon for affordability.

Preparing calorific plates of food, Catrina appeared scared. “She is eating herself to her grave,” she said, adding that Bri is the only mother she has ever had.

But the good news to report is that Bri has lost 384 pounds. Her weight loss surgery went well and she looks great, and her posts are very positive.

We cannot wait to see how she looks after the skin surgery!

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays on TLC.

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