Brett Robinson on Big Brother 20: His big lie and everything else you need to know

Brett Robinson is interviewed by Ross Mathews for Big Brother 20
Brett Robinson plans to lie about his occupation on Big Brother 20 to give himself an edge

Brett Robinson gave a lot away when he was interviewed by Ross Mathews during the Big Brother 20 cast reveal.

Brett is a 25-year-old cyber security engineer from Oakdale, Connecticut. Don’t expect him to tell his castmates about his real career, though. Brett says he plans to lie about his background so that the competition will underestimate him and give him an advantage headed into the house.

Don’t expect Brett to ride the middle like many other contestants plan to do upon entering the Big Brother house. Instead, his master plan means getting an early edge and then backing off. He also plans to use diplomacy in order to make sure his temporary roommates trust him and won’t want to vote him out early.

If you’re wondering if all the new Big Brother 20 cast started watching the show around Season 16, you’re definitely not alone. Brett isn’t the only new Big Brother contestant to name Derrick Levasseur as someone who he hopes to model himself after in the game.

Brett Robinson of Big Brother 20
Brett Robinson plans to deceive his housemates in order to win Big Brother 20: Pic credit: CBS

Brett told Ross that his biggest weakness as it pertains to the Big Brother house is that he’s very outgoing. That’s not going to work well for him if he’s trying to fly under the radar.

When it comes to the possibility of a showmance, Brett says he’s not ruling that out. It’s no secret that more Big Brother players leave the house with a relationship than with the $500,000 prize.

Brett Robinson’s plan on Big Brother 20 is to be the mastermind behind the scenes but to do it while none of his opponents even notice.

He described to Ross how he wanted to orchestrate events in the Big Brother house in order to gain control of the game. Do you think he has the ability to pull it off?

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.