Breeders release date confirmed: When is new FX series coming in 2020?

Breeders Episode Image
In the beginning, there was love and sex, in a bit there were nappies and vomit. Hello Breeders. Pic credit: FX

FX has announced the release date for the family comedy Breeders. It will star Michael McKean, Martin Freeman, and Daisy Haggard and the date was announced at the Television Critics’ Association press tour panel today.

Part of a day-long lineup of panels, Breeders is a slice of life told from the parents’ point of view. The narrative travels through the years, showing how relationships change, and, as such, are stressed by the presence of children being added to the mix.

On the panel were creator Simon Blackwell, co-creator, executive producer, and director Chris Addison, and some members of the cast — Freeman (Paul), Haggard (Ally), and McKean (Michael).

Martin Freeman shared that his own kids are 11 and 14 and he said that they know they’re the catalyst for Breeders. Daisy Haggard, who starred on Back To Life (BBC One and Showtime) also has children — ages two and four — so she identified with the clip showing how their onscreen kids and respective characters dealt with sleepless nights and whiny days.

Not missing a beat or letting the kid chat upstage him, Michael McKean was asked to flesh out his backstory for the series. “They needed an older, irresponsible American, and I answered the call,” McKean said of his “absent as soon as possible father” character on Breeders. “He fancies himself a world traveler, which is another word for freeloader.”

Chris Addison says Breeders didn’t want to tread on Outnumbered’s toes (UK series).  Clarifying the premise, Addison said that Outnumbered in the UK was a sweeter version of this FX effort. “The reality is quite harsh. We thought of it as we didn’t want to tread on Outnumbered’s toes. We didn’t want to repeat.”

“We’re quite sensitive that we’re writing a show set in the UK for US audiences,” added Chris Addison. The cursing may be different, but the way you raise a kid is universal, he and Blackwell said on the panel.

Paul and Ally’s parents are prominently featured on Breeders to show how these two are sandwiched between generations as caretakers.

Adding to the panel’s banter, Martin Freeman quipped that his kids want a cut of the royalties from Breeders, because it was based on them, in part.

The series is also aware that Breeders is a slur used by some in the gay community to categorize straight people. The series takes a look at the parent paradox or love-hate relationship that many parents have with their kids.

Freeman is cast as Paul, who is described as a “caring father” and discovers that he’s not the same man as when he started the fatherhood venture.

Simon Blackwell will serve as showrunner. Blackwell created the show with Addison and Freeman. Blackwell, Addison, Freeman, Richard Allen-Turner, Rob Aslett, David Martin, Jon Thoday, and Michael Wiggs executive produce.


Breeders premieres Monday, March 2 at 10/9c on FX.

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