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Brandon Scott from My 600-lb Life now: What does he look like today?

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Brandon ahead of his meeting with Dr. Now on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: TLC

Brandon Scott’s TLC My 600-lb Life episode was one of our favorite episodes in the series history.

His journey to Houston from Columbus, Ohio to seek help from Dr. Younan Nowazaradan was fraught with intense emotion as Brandon, aged 33, realized his own mortality… and it hit him hard.

In the episode, he said: “I feel like I am living a nightmare.” His weight when he weighed in Houston was now over 700 pounds.

He dreaded living another day in his own body and the jolts of pain that shot up his spine and knees was made worse by what he described in the episode as “severe lymphedema,” hanging and pulling his inner thighs.

Life for Brandon was unbearable. It was his girlfriend Taylor Kunce who inspired him to fight for his health.

Brandon said: “But I push myself because if I don’t my girlfriend Taylor will have to clean me in bed.”

“I am ashamed at how out of control I have let my body get…I just see a monster,” Brandon said.

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Mom Rhonda, Taylor and Brandon share a meal. Pic credit: TLC

Taylor, who he met at church, has become the love of his life.

Food addiction issues are what plagued Brandon who detailed how cravings haunted his waking hours. “Nothing has ever compared to the happiness I feel when I eat,” he said.

He and Taylor headed to Houston and in our preview clip, you can see how emotions took over this musician who was tired of feeling shame and being whispered about.

Why was Brandon so big?

He recalled a fractious and violent childhood where his parents warred and food was his solace, it helped calm him down and block out the chaos outside his bedroom door.

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Brandon as a teen, when his mother’s worry about his weight angered him. Pic credit: TLC

His mother Rhonda shared her memories of Brandon in the episode. Brandon had two more siblings and the fighting lessened, as his dad went to law school.

Then at age 8, the family moved to Columbus, Ohio where his mother worked all the time as his dad studied more for his law school and future practice.

As his weight grew, the critique from his mother rubbed him the wrong way and Brandon became resentful.

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Brandon the years after his dad abandoned the family. Pic credit: TLC

His senior year of college was when he discovered his dad had a double life, and his mother was left alone.

This devastated him as he kicked his dad out of the house, feeling utterly betrayed. He had to support his mother and family, giving up his dreams to study music abroad.

He was about 27 when he passed the 600 pound threshold.

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Brandon experiences a full blown panic attack when the nurse drew blood. Pic credit: TLC

Watching Brandon tell his story was a heart breaker. Once in Houston, he also had to face his fear of doctors and needles, and we learned it had been 8 years since he had seen any medic for assessment.

There was dramatic footage of Brandon experiencing a full-blown anxiety attack when he got his blood drawn.

Brandon on My 600-lb Life
Brandon and Taylor sharing a happy moment. Pic credit: TLC

But after Brandon’s trip to Houston, we are happy to report that his intervention both psychologically and surgically worked.

His fears of lymphedema, too, were unfounded as Dr. Now revealed that he had large pockets of fat.

And Taylor is posting wonderful updates on her social media.

We will be following the ongoing progress for Brandon, whose story has really inspired so many people.

We wish him and Taylor the best and hope they can plan a wedding soon!

My 600-lb Life airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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