Brandon Reid from Married at First Sight is getting dragged on Twitter for his wedding day vows and reaction

Brandon and Taylor
Brandon is being dragged on Twitter regarding his vows and the awkward way he behaved with his new bride. Pic credit: Lifetime

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin were married tonight on Married at First Sight. But other than discussing Taylor’s gown and Brandon’s blue suit, Twitter is focusing on Brandon’s vows and the awkward conversation he had with his new bride after the wedding.

During the vow exchange, Brandon obviously wrote his vows way before he decided to get married at first sight. Additionally, he interrupted his wedding to kiss his bride and run off with her.

During the champagne moment, when the couples get to finally talk for the first time after meeting at the altar, Brandon seemed extremely nervous and didn’t have much to say.

He did seem to enjoy the champagne, though.

Brandon mentioned he was hungry during picture time and then didn’t like that there was no meat to eat at the reception. Brandon can’t dance at all, so his first dance with Taylor was pretty awkward. And he cursed…a lot.

One viewer noticed Brandon’s grandmother side-eyeing him after hearing him say, “I knew from the first moment I met you…which was a couple of minutes ago…”.

Another viewer spotted it as well.

The couple’s conversation after saying, “I do” was pretty awkward. Taylor explained that she does medical research, and Brandon said that he was an ambassador for a beer company.

Brandon said that he suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, but some viewers feel like he has some trouble holding conversations without cursing too much.

Some viewers think that Brandon isn’t really wanting to be married.

The comments aren’t all bad. Brandon’s grandma is a definite hit, from her looks to her dancing.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesday 8/7c on Lifetime.

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