Boston EMS crews help gunshot victims in battle against time

The two gunshot victims lying in the snow on tonight's Boston EMS on ABC
The two gunshot victims lying in the snow on tonight’s Boston EMS on ABC

Tonight on Boston EMS, crews race to a rough neighborhood where two gunshot victims are lying bleeding in the street.

One of the men is critical and not responding so the paramedics can’t lose any time getting him to hospital, while the other is also in a bad condition after being been shot in the stomach.

To make matters worse the emergency call takes place in the midst of winter with snow on the ground making conditions treacherous.

Watch a preview clip for tonight’s show as two EMS paramedics arrive on the scene before quickly inspecting the patients then rushing out stretchers to carry them to safety.

One of the crew members says: “Time is of the essence, and bad weather makes things even harder.”

Onother man can be heard saying to one of the victims: “The ambulance is here my man. Stay strong, stay strong.”

Also on Boston EMS tonight, we see a distraught mum being comforted by a paramedic after her young son suffers from a febrile seizure — which is a fit or convulsion brought on by a very high temperature.

Meanwhile, a deputy superintendent is called out to a scene where a suspicious package has been found close to a daycare centre, with fears it could be something dangerous like a bomb.

Boston EMS airs tonight at 10/9c on ABC.

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