Boo, Bitch spoilers: What happened to Erika Vu?

Lana Condor
What really happened to Erika Vu in Boo, Bitch? Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Boo, Bitch.

The premise of Boo, Bitch is made clear from the trailer, high school senior Erika Vu (Lana Condor) has decided to start living her life and saying yes to almost everything when she is unfortunately hit by a truck and killed.

She wakes up in her bed at home but retraces her step to find a friendship necklace— finding the necklace and her dead body under a moose. The body is hers based on two facts, one being that it’s wearing her shoes, and her best friend Gia said she checked.

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As Erika tries to find out what her unfinished business is to pass on, things quickly turn when Erika gets the idea that maybe she doesn’t have to pass on, maybe she can be a ghost forever. However, things are not always what they seem.

Is Erika Vu still alive?

When she first learns she’s dead, Erika spends time trying to learn what she can and can’t do, and why exactly she’s a ghost.

With the help of her best friend Gia (Zoe Colletti) and their school’s occult club, they decide that Erika has unfinished business she has to finish before she can move on. And they’re in a race against time as she may be doomed if her body decays.

As the show progresses, Erika goes from a high school outcast to the queen of her school to immortalize herself in death. Her selfish behavior ruins her friendship with Gia and her new romance with Jake C., before she realizes she’s wrong.

It turns out that Erika Vu is alive and well.

The real dead teenager was Erika’s best friend Gia, who for the past month has only been seen by Erika and the medium Gavin.

It takes some time for Erika to come to her senses and make the right choice, but after some thought and hard decision-making, Erika is able to help her best friend finish her unfinished business so she can pass on to the afterlife.

The last two episodes are more heartwarming and send themes of a coming-of-age story as Erika begins to grieve the loss of her friend while being relieved that she was able to help her friend pass on and not remain a ghost forever.

Will there be a Season 2 for Boo, Bitch?

Boo, Bitch was released as a limited series on Netflix, so the chances for another season are unlikely. Plus, all the main stories were neatly tied up and came to a close at the end, so there isn’t an open story to continue.

Netflix hasn’t said if they would continue on the story or not, but it’s possible that fans could see a spinoff if the show does well. That said, fans can also expect Boo, Bitch to be the last story from Erika Vu as her series ended solidly.

Boo, Bitch is now streaming on Netflix.

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