Bombshell threatens Sophie and Caroline Stanbury’s friendship on Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury argues with Adela King on this week's episode of Ladies of London
Caroline Stanbury argues with Adela King on this week’s episode of Ladies of London

Caroline Stanbury and former sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury could be about to have their friendship torn apart again — after a bombshell by Ladies of London pal Adela King.

The drama comes as Caroline Fleming hosts a midsummer party just days before Caroline Stanbury heads off for her new life in Dubai.

But rather than everyone putting their differences apart for once, things come to a head when Adela storms off and refuses to come back to the table.

Long-time friend Caroline Stanbury goes to talk to her, before Adela lays into her — saying she hasn’t been there for her, and that she was always there for Caroline when she had difficulties in the past.

Caroline insists she has been there for Adela, but then Adela drops the bomb that Sophie had been talking about Caroline behind her back.

Adela says: “That’s not what Sophie said! Sophie said you were writing these vile texts about me…that I’d chosen money over my kids!”

Also on tonight’s Ladies of London episode, titled Loose Lips Sink Friendships, Caroline Stanbury has a more enjoyable slumber party with Adela and Sophie.

Meanwhile, Julie Montagu gets her daughter ready for her final school dance — but not without emotion — and Juliet reconnects with her Polish heritage when her mum comes to visit.

Ladies of London airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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