Bobby Reid death: Fear the Walking Dead pays tribute after crew member dies

Fear the Walking Dead pays tribute to crew member Bobby Reid following his death
Fear the Walking Dead crew member Bobby Reid passed away this year. Pic credit: Bobby Reid Memorial Fund/GoFundMe

The Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 premiere aired this past Sunday and featured a tribute to a fallen castmember at the end of the episode — Bobby Reid.

But who was he and what did he do on Fear the Walking Dead?

Bobby Reid’s real name is Robert Reid and he was a key grip on the third season of Fear the Walking Dead. He worked as part of the crew on the current season as well.

Fear the Walking Dead tribute
Fear the Walking Dead paid tribute to Bobby Reid. Pic credit: AMC

For those unfamiliar with film crew positions, a key grip is a person who is in charge of the camera equipment and works alongside the director of photography (cinematographer) who is operating the camera.

Bobby Reid worked in film and television for over two decades including on big budget movies like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Green Hornet. He also worked on hit Netflix movie Bird Box.

Reid passed away in March when he was involved in an auto accident while driving to see his parents. He had a wife and two children and his friends put together a GoFundMe to help his family following their loss.

Fear the Walking Dead actress Jenna Elfman also paid tribute to Bobby Reid on Facebook.

Fear the Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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