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Blue Bloods Season 12, Episode 4 recap: A cop quits amid other police issues

Blue Bloods
Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) discusses a matter with Baker (Abigail Hawk) on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

On this week’s Blue Bloods, it was the cops who provided most of the problems. 

True Blue had the Reagans dealing with issues of police officers causing trouble from Baker’s husband to Eddie’s partner that pushed one office into a major decision.

A cop crosses a line

The episode opened with Jamie riding with one of his officers to find off-duty cop Kyle Dorsey (Joe Carroll) helping an obviously drunk Mark Adams (Chris Chidron), out of a car. When Kyle tried to lead him away, Adams punched him with Jamie tackling Adams to the ground to arrest him. 

Eddie and Witten were talking about Halloween when they saw a man accost a homeless woman. While Eddie arrested the man, Witten tried to help the woman, only for her to snap that she hated cops and spat in her face, affecting Witten. She refused to talk about it with Eddie later, still clearly shaken by the events earlier in the season.

Danny and Baez were called to a ritzy prep school where Kayla Johnson had been killed and no clues to who did it as the school had removed the security cameras. 

Moore called Frank to a private office to show him a video of a patrolman slamming a suspect against a dumpster in a rough arrest while screaming insults at the perp and the person filming. The cop in question? Brian Baker (Jarid Faubel), Abigail’s husband. 

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