Blue Bloods recap: one Reagan has their job on the line

Bridget Moynahan
Erin Reagan (Bridget Moynahan) faces a new challenge on Blue Bloods Season 12. Pic credit: CBS

Job security was in the air on this week’s Blue Bloods

The conflict between Frank and Mayor Chase (Dylan Walsh) hit a major height, putting Frank’s job in jeopardy while two other Reagans saw some shifts for their futures. 

Frank makes a harsh arrest

Times Like These opened with Anthony upset Erin was being pressured to drop a case due to still being on Crawford’s bad side. Erin brushed off Anthony’s concerns that she was afraid of Crawford. 

Danny and Baez were bantering in the car and nearly ran over a young man lying beaten on the street. Danny immediately raced the guy to the hospital in his car. The youth, Matthew (K.J. Aikens) was okay, with his brother Ricky (Andrew D. Manning) being grateful, although Matthew couldn’t identify who attacked him. 

Jamie was rushing to the hospital himself as Eddie had twisted her ankle chasing a purse-snatcher. Jamie was happy but confused as to why the off-duty Eddie was downtown. Eddie was evasive about it the next day, which made Jamie more suspicious. 

In the streets, a troubled man was holding up traffic going around washing windows against drivers’ wishes. Finally, a police officer slammed him against a car to arrest him while Frank looked on. 

While Gormley was happy with the arrest, Moore was concerned Frank had done this just to tick off the mayor. Baker entered to tell Frank that Chase wanted to see him with Frank muttering, “the mayor in Jaws wasn’t the hero of the movie.”

Anthony dropped in to see Danny, giving him an envelope with Danny declaring he wanted to pretend he never saw what was in it. Ricky then talked about Matthew still not being able to identify his attackers. Danny headed to where Matthew had been, acting drunk and when a trio of men attacked him, Danny arrested one. 

What is Anthony up to?

Just as Moore figured, Chase believed Frank made the entire arrest as a media event and was grandstanding as a message to Chase. He demanded Frank apologize, which, of course, Frank refused to do. 

Danny talked to the thug, Ozzie (Thomas Walter Booker), saying Matthew was just the latest in several people beaten and robbed near the bar. Ozzie refused to confess or give up his friends, convinced no one would testify against him. Danny responded by dropping Ozzie off in front of his gang to make them think he’d snitched on them and drove off.

Anthony did the same envelope trick with Jamie, complete with some world-class sucking up, but he also refused to help. Jamie bumped into Erin on his way out, sharing his concerns about Eddie keeping her whereabouts secret as Erin knew Anthony was up to something. 

It was another hospital visit, this time Danny checking on Ozzie, who’d been beaten up by his gang with Erin chastising her brother for putting Ozzie in danger. 

Erin decided to check out Anthony’s office with him interrupting her. Danny was complaining to Baez about their hands being tied with Baez siding with Erin.

In a rare moment, Anthony met with Henry to show him the envelope, and Henry said he’d make a call.

Frank and Chase hit the breaking point

Frank’s staff openly told him apologizing was the best course of action, but Frank thought Chase was bluffing. He headed to a press conference, beginning the statement but then stopped to ask, “Who wants to live in a city where the Police Commissioner spots a crime and just drives past it?”

Danny apologized to Baez, who showed him photos of Ricky in Ozzie’s gang. Danny then apologized to Ozzie, who explained what had happened. The beating was actually a gang initiation for Matthew by Ricky, which led to both brothers being arrested for filing a false report. 

Jamie checked Eddie’s phone to see someone named Barry sending her a message stating he was waiting while Eddie claimed she was just headed for a workout. He followed her and Eddie was furious when she caught him. She finally revealed she was taking night classes to take the sergeant’s exam with Jamie relating he was only upset she couldn’t tell him this before. 

Frank’s staff warned him that he was on a dangerous course, with Frank insisting he had to stand up for cops second-guessing themselves and the day he agreed with that “the bugler can start playing taps.”

Frank and Chase met with Chase point blank stating he would accept Frank’s resignation. Frank told Chase that no one else would want to take his place, if only for the political fighting. It also would be hard for anyone to trust Chase if he fired Frank with no real cause. He compared himself and Chase to a divorcing couple, which had Chase just ordering Frank out of his office. 

Everyone at the dinner agreed Frank had been playing “chicken” with Chase. It also finally came out about what Anthony had been up to: an “Erin Reagan for District Attorney” campaign sticker. The family agreed it was a great idea, and Erin mulled it over.

So while Frank’s own job is at risk, two members of the Reagan clan may be stepping up in their own jobs. 

Blue Bloods Season 12 airs Fridays at 10/9c on CBS. 

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