Blue Bloods recap: Lou Diamond Phillips returns as Luis Delgado

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips appeared guest starred on Blue Bloods
Actor Lou Diamond Phillips was on Blue Bloods again. Pic credit: @ImageCollect.com/ImagePressAgency

Lou Diamond Phillips returned as Luis Delgado on last night’s episode of Blue Bloods, titled Where the Truth Lies.

Prosecutors wanted Delgado to testify against members of his former Sangriento drug cartel. They needed his testimony to make their case against the cartel members and they asked Danny to talk to Delgado and convince him to testify. Delgado wanted Danny and Maria to protect his sons — who he felt were in danger.

The cartel eventually kidnapped Delgado’s son, Carlos, and held him hostage. The kidnappers forced Carlos to call Danny and say that if his father testifies they will kill him.

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Mancuso (Damon Daunno), the prosecutor in charge of the case, did not want Danny to tell Delgado that the cartel had kidnapped his son. Mancuso knew that Delgado would refuse to testify if he knew his son was being held hostage. But Danny thought it was wrong to hide the truth from Delgado.

When they met Delgado, Mancuso lied, but Delgado saw through it. So he asked Danny to tell him the truth.

Danny told the truth. He told Delgado that Carlos had been kidnapped. Enraged, Delgado attacked Mancuso, and Danny and Maria had to rescue Mancuso from Delgado’s stranglehold.

Maria then asked Delgado how he knew that the cartel would go after his boys. Danny pleaded with Delgado to give him the name of the person who warned him that his sons were in danger. Delgado whispered the name in Spanish to Danny before the guards entered and dragged him back to his cell.

Danny later brought in the person that Delgado mentioned for interrogation. The man, at first, refused to cooperate and the officers brought in his pregnant wife. They arrested the woman for unlawful possession of a firearm after she was pulled over for a broken tail light. Danny said they would release the man’s pregnant wife only if he cooperated. The man caved in and told them where Delgado’s son was being held.

Danny, Maria, and a team of officers then went to the location where they found and rescued Carlos.

After the rescue, Danny met Delgado. Delgado asked how he could thank Danny for rescuing his son. Danny said he wanted him to help federal prosecutors put the cartel members behind bars.

Delgado agreed.

Who is Lou Diamond Phillips?

Lou Diamond Phillips is an actor and director who grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas.

He is known for playing Henry Standing Bear on Longmire and Jeff Romero on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he is best known for the movies La Bamba and Young Guns. Now, he stars on Prodigal Son for FOX.

Phillips was nominated for a Golden Globe as a supporting actor in Stand and Deliver. He also won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male for the role.

Phillips is currently married to actress Yvonne Boismier Phillips and they have a child together.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays on CBS at 10/9c.

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