Blue Bloods recap: A couple of huge family clashes mar investigations

Donnie Wahlberg
Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

It’s often hard to see the long view when seeking justice. 

After a case involving some rather unique partnerships, Blue Bloods had the Reagans on uncertain ground. 

Danny and Jamie were at odds as Danny’s attempt to find justice for a widower clashed with Jamie wanting to go after a bigger boss.

It brought up some of the issues between the brothers as neither got a good ending in their case.

Meanwhile, Erin and Joe Hill were at odds over a case involving a corrupt D.A. that likewise led to tragedy.

On top of it all, Frank had an interesting function to attend as On Dangerous Ground showed how tricky life with the Reagans can be. 

Frank hears of a surprising talk

In a courtroom, Joe Hill was nervously texting someone as attorney Diane Jones (Kumiko Konishi) argued the case against Manny Vargas (Gustavo Marquez) should be dismissed as ADA Robert Davis wasn’t present.

Erin arrived to fill in and argue the drug case against Vargas was strong. She told Anthony and Joe to find Davis fast. 

Moore was asking Frank if he really wanted to skip an event at the New York College for Criminal Justice, with Frank retorting he did. He wasn’t happy the college seemed to be against the police. Moore broke it to Frank that they wanted Sid to speak instead, and, to Frank’s shock, Sid agreed.

Given Sid’s dislike of public speaking, Moore suggested Frank be there too to help him out. 

Across town, Danny and Baez found some officers tending to Andre Lopez (Frank Rodriguez), whose wife, Martiza, had been hit by a stray bullet. He was overcome with grief when his wife was pronounced dead, grabbing a gun and threatening to kill himself.

Danny used his own experience of losing Linda to talk to Andre and how his sons needed him. He asked Andre for a chance to find justice.

Joe and Anthony found Davis (Derrick Williams) passed out in his office with Joe pouring water on his face. Davis protested he had been fighting to keep sober as Anthony backed up how he stayed sober. Davis claimed to have met a woman at a bar the night before. 

Sid came to see Frank, excited about speaking to the college as he wanted to help Frank out. Frank said they defended themselves by their actions, not by talking. 

Sid finally admitted that Henry had been invited to speak, and he was nervous about Henry being put in a spot and was going to act as Henry’s backup. He left with Frank’s face relating he knew this was a bad idea. 

The bartender related Davis had looked drunk even without ordering anything. He had been with a blonde woman, and looking at the video, it appeared the woman had drugged Davis. Joe was still doubtful but agreed they had to find the blonde. 

Just as Baez and Danny were hitting a dead end, Jamie related that a woman up on a gun charge had given up Elijah Martin as the shooter. Jamie wanted to remain part of the case even though he was in intelligence. 

Joe and Anthony checked out Vargas’ rough neighborhood and found the blonde, Monique (Emily Shaffer). She denied seeing Davis, but Joe searched her bag to find the drugs inside. 

Danny and Baez went to see Elijah (Danny Olabi), who was just a teenager, arresting him in front of his mother, Sharon (Lateefah Holder). 

Jamie vs. Danny over a case

Elijah tried to deny shooting anyone but finally cried that local gang leader Panos forced him to do this as a gang initiation. Jamie questioned him as Elijah was meant to kill rival Marco but hit the wrong person. 

Danny figured the case was closed, but Jamie wanted to flip him to go after Panos. Danny wanted to see justice done, with Jamie firing back that Elijah was still a kid. The brothers argued over it as Danny thought someone would just replace Panos and Elijah would never survive on the street. 

Monique claimed Vargas had told her to drug Davis because he wasn’t cooperating anymore. She was afraid of Vargas, so she wanted a good deal. Davis was in deep on gambling, and Vargas was paying off his debts to throw cases for him. 

Joe was outraged as Erin promised to investigate this as long as Monique backed this up with proof. 

Frank talked to Henry about the speaking engagement. He joked Henry had no problem speaking, just keeping quiet. Henry wanted to represent the Commissioner’s office if Frank wouldn’t. 

Frank retorted that he enjoyed talking to the college and that it was not his fault they turned on him. He thought they hadn’t earned a second chance with him and was annoyed Henry was doing his old “pretending to agree while disagreeing” bit. 

Erin confronted Davis about his working with Vargas as Joe yelled at her for ignoring this, which had Anthony threatening to put him through a wall. After Joe stormed out, Erin talked about the evidence against Davis stacking up. 

Davis admitted he’d thrown the cases at first before sobering up, but Erin had enough to fire him on the spot. 

Danny found Andre waiting to tell him they had his wife’s killer and to check in on his family. After he left, Baez had to break the news Jamie had taken Elijah away.

An irate Danny stormed into Jamie’s office as Jamie said they couldn’t talk about it. Jamie told him to leave before he embarrassed himself. “The only embarrassment here is you,” Danny snapped. “To the whole family.”

Some bittersweet endings ensue

Jamie offered a deal to Elijah with protection if Elijah got Panos to confess to ordering the hit. Sharon wasn’t sure, but Elijah wanted to make amends.

Anthony had to break the news to Erin that Davis had committed suicide. Erin blamed herself for pushing Davis too far, as he’d left a huge file behind.

The Reagan family dinner had Danny and Jamie snapping at each other before Erin stopped it. Eddie decided some cake would help, but Danny left, telling Eddie, “Jamie can have my cake and eat it too.”

Jamie confronted Danny outside, saying he was seeing too much of himself in Andre. Their argument brought up their different tactics and how Jamie outranked his big brother. Danny bluntly asked if Jamie had ever wondered why his source gave up Elijah so easily before driving off.

Vargas had zero sympathy for Davis as Erin revealed Davis had left behind a sworn affidavit with recorded conversations with Vargas, more than enough to put him in jail for life. Erin threw in that Jones would be disbarred if she knew anything about this.

Elijah met Panos (Christopher Liang) in a warehouse with the man realizing this was a setup for a confession. Jamie brought up the witness saying Panos had gotten her to give up Elijah. Panos made the mistake of mentioning her name, which got him arrested.

Baker told Frank a commander wanted to have him attend an event for good publicity, with Frank brushing it off. Baker’s insistence that he do this made Frank realize this was all a setup to get him to the college so they could make amends.

Baker knew Frank hated surprises and having the attention on him, but Frank decided if they were going to this much trouble, he might as well play along with it.

With Elijah arrested, Danny and Jamie discussed the case just as Andre came up with a gun. Jamie subdued him as Andre hated the idea of his wife’s killer going free. Danny assured him both would get what they deserved.

Erin found Joe playing basketball as he apologized for his temper. Erin said it was okay as she had ignored the signs of Davis’ corruption but didn’t want Joe acting that way, and he had to show some respect. She bluntly said Joe’s father would be ashamed of how he talked to his sister as she left him to his thoughts.

Frank arrived at the event as Henry got a good ovation. It turned out this was all a celebration of Frank’s 50th anniversary of joining the NYPD. Henry welcomed a very moved Frank to the stage as he embraced his father.

Jamie made a peace offering of Danny’s favorite pizza. As Danny pointed out, Jamie didn’t see the long view as now Andre was in jail for robbing his sons of both parents. Jamie protested it wasn’t his fault as Danny focused on his work with Jamie leaving.

It was a good celebration for Frank, but sadly the other Reagans had to learn the hard way that it’s tough taking the long view on cases.

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