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Blue Bloods
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan on Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for the Season 12 finale of Blue Bloods. 

Erin Reagan is about to embark on a new career path. 

After a major turn on the Blue Bloods Season 12 finale, showrunner Kevin Wade is discussing the Reagan daughter’s big decision on her role in the D.A.’s office and how that will play into Season 13. 

Erin and her clashes with Crawford

A recurring theme in Season 12 of Blue Bloods has been Erin (Bridget Moynahan) clashing with her boss, District Attorney Kimberly Crawford (Roslyn Ruff).

It got off to a bad start when Erin wanted to prosecute a woman Crawford saw commit murder when she was a child. The trial was complicated by Crawford’s reluctance to testify.

When she did, Crawford point-blank told the court she thought this was all because Erin wanted to make her look bad so she could take over as D.A.

Not helping was Anthony (Steve Schirripa), pushing Erin to run for D.A. herself. Erin was reluctant, knowing the optics of having the police commissioner’s daughter as D.A.

The Season 12 finale built things up when Frank (Tom Selleck) called out Crawford’s policies on not prosecuting offenders she deemed “non-violent.” That was proven wrong when a man Eddie arrested was released, only to later stab a store clerk. 

Speaking to Deadline, executive producer Kevin Wade discussed how the clash between Frank and the D.A. grew out of the show’s focus on the Reagans being a strong family. 

“When we gathered to shape up stories and themes for Season 12, we landed on a dynamic for all our characters that went, more or less: We’re cops, and an Assistant District Attorney. We are not spokespersons, or pundits, or politicians gauging which way the winds are blowing. We are law enforcement, and what we do has been under attack, sometimes justly, often unfairly, for the last while now. So we can either quit and find another way to make a living, or we can stay and do what we do well. We choose to stay and fight.”

Wade admitted that while some episodes of Season 12 were better than others, he believes this approach worked in the end. 

“Not every story in every episode hewed to that or tried to. But the overriding dynamic we aimed for was telling stories about a family and extended family of law enforcement professionals choosing to get back to the basic reason they signed up in the first place – to try and get some justice and mercy for people who deserve it and to arrest and prosecute the people who deserve that.”

That mentality is going to come to play when Erin’s big decision echoes in Season 13.

Erin Reagan for District Attorney?

Bridget Moynahan
Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan, facing a new challenge in Blue Bloods. Pic credit: CBS

After talks with Frank and another argument with Crawford, the final scene of the episode had Erin announcing at dinner she was going to run for D.A. after all. 

Wade felt this was an organic move as, having worked for bosses both good and bad, Erin is finally deciding to change things as D.A. herself. 

“We have played her under four or five DA’s, with whom she often clashed over principles as well as over ways and means. So, for her character the choice seemed to be: if you think you can do the job, then ask for it or otherwise, sit back down. Time’s come for her to ask for it by announcing she’s running for the office.”

Naturally, this will be a big subplot for Season 13 as Erin is now under a microscope prosecuting cases while also running against her own boss. She also has to adjust to the rough politics of the office, which can affect her judgment. 

There’s also the dynamic Frank and Erin have acknowledged, that having her in an adversarial relationship with her father may be a spark to the Reagan dinners. 

“A Season 13 would have two tracks for Erin. Doing the job she has, and challenging herself and being challenged about her fitness for the job she wants. And what she’s willing, and not willing, to do in order to get it. So plenty of horse-trading, soul-searching, and disruption with the powers that be, her partner Anthony, and especially her family.”

The idea of Erin becoming D.A. and how that will affect her relationship with Frank is a major shift that will no doubt make Blue Bloods Season 13 a powerful year to look forward to. 

Blue Bloods Season 13 airs this fall on CBS.

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Lets get some love interests for Frank(Bebe Neuworth) and Erin. A little personal business would be nice