Blue Bloods fans upset Eddie and Jamie wedding scene didn’t show couple exchanging vows, voice outrage on Twitter

Eddie and Jamie wedding
Fans upset Blue Bloods Season 9 finales doesn’t show the moment Eddie and Jamie exchange vows. Pic credit: CBS

Blue Bloods fans who had expected the series to show the moment that Eddie and Jamie exchange vows in the Season 9 finale, which aired last night, were very disappointed.

Sgt. Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Officer Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) got married, but the show failed to show the final moment that many fans had been waiting for, which is the moment that they say “I do.”

Instead, the show ends as Eddie and Frank approach the altar and Jamie smiles.

It was an emotional scene when Frank walked Eddie down the aisle. Fans were surprised when Eddie asked Frank to walk her down the aisle. However, the screen fades to darkness when Jamie smiles as Eddie and Frank approach the altar. We did not get to see the special moment when they exchange vows.

Many fans took to Twitter to voice their disappointment that they were not allowed the see the special moment they’d been waiting for.

Fans have been rooting for “Jamko” since Season 4 when Eddie and Jamie first met. They finally declared love for each other in the Season 8 finale and announced their engagement after Jamie saved Eddie.

Eddie transfers to Jamie’s precinct in Season 9 and their relationship weathered all the storms along the way.

As the wedding approaches, Erin raises questions about Eddie’s honesty in a case after a witness testimony. But it turns out that she had been telling the truth and the two were able to resolve things before the rehearsal dinner.

Even as the wedding approached there were other outstanding issues, such as Eddie’s concern that while she was trying to adjust to Jamie’s family, he wasn’t trying to adjust to her family.

“Don’t let her do all the work adjusting to us,” Frank advised Jamie. “Find opportunities to lead us to into adjusting to her.”

“Eddie isn’t anyone’s to give away. She is her own woman and her own life force, and I have seen it in action on the job and we have all seen it in action at our dinner table,” Frank said in his speech. “I look forward to seeing her in action as Jamie’s life partner, and hopefully as a mother and as a hurricane of fresh air and candor and strength for our family.”

But the next day at the wedding, Eddie moved everyone to tears when she asked Frank to walk her down the aisle.

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