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Blindspot Season 2 Episode 21 recap: Sandstorm invasion

Shepherd (Michelle Hurd) tries to activate a terrorist attack on Blindspot

Recap of Blindspot Season 2 Episode 21, titled Mom, from 5/10/2017.

Blindspot is that cool kind of show that always delivers on the action front. Every episode is usually pretty action-packed and they have become more the norm that the exception, which doesn’t necessarily mean that all episodes are edge-of-my-seat good.

However, when Blindspot decides to knock it out of the park… Good lord, it hits you when you’re least expecting it. And that was the case with last night’s episode “Mom”.

I think I was probably holding my breath, sitting at the edge of my seat, biting my nails for 98% of the episode. It was that good.

Because just like our beloved FBI agents, Shepherd caught us all by surprise when she uncerimoniously led an attack into the FBI Headquarters in NY, just so she could access Patterson’s computers and set in motion a terrorist attack in several government buildings in the country.

She didn’t count, however, that her second in command, Parker – now that Boden is dead and Roman was in custody – would sing like a canary the moment they threatened to put his pregnant girlfriend back in Supermax.

So he gave the address of a building Shepherd was supposedly using to store documents, information and financials about the Sandstorm operation.

When Weller and Jane get there with a team, they find an exact replica of their office, which immediately tips them off that Shepherd is planning an attack at Headquarters.

The problem is, the plan is already in motion. By the time they realize what’s going on, Shepherd has already put signal jammers in place, severing all communication to the outside world, so Kurt and Jane can’t make contact with the rest of the team inside to alert them of what they had discovered.

Shepherd, on the other hand, comes in like she owns the place, guns blazing, and demands the code to get into Patterson’s lab, but our favorite genius had already locked herself in with Zapata, in an attempt to delay the attack.

Shepherd is ruthless, though, and she starts killing hostages until someone volunteers the information she needs. Then she kills the Director just out of spite.

Patterson is a smart girl, so she puts her system in boot mode, which buys them some time to get to the armory and delay whatever plan Shepherd has in mind.

They quickly get there and meet up with Reade, so they arm themselves and get ready for battle.

From then on, it’s a lot of heavy gun fire and I was basically watching through my fingers, terrified someone important was going to die. When Zapata got hit, I swear I jumped from my seat, jaw to the floor.

Kurt (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jamie Alexander) storm the FBI building to take down Shepherd

Shepherd’s plan was to access the Homeland Security intranet and Patterson’s computer was the only one with access to all DHS digital infrastructure in the country.

So while Shepherd is trying to work on that, Patterson figures out what she’s up to, so she, Zapata and Reade head to the server room, so our girl can overload the system and short circuit all her computers.

That would hurt her heart – as these were her babies – but it would also stop the terrorist from doing whatever it is she plans on doing and restore communications, so she could alert the rest of the country about Shepherd’s plans.

Meanwhile, Kurt and Jane manage to sneak back into the building and they really do make a kickass team together, because they take down all of Shepherd’s cronies by themselves and disarm two bombs.

Shepherd, however, has released Roman and he is seriously pissed off after remembering that Jane was the one who erased his memory. And I have to admit, I was disappointed when he decided to go with Shepherd, even after seeing all the pain she caused.

So even though, her plans were thwarted by Kurt, Jane and Patterson, she still got Roman, so not all was lost for her.

She decides to go public with her plans to “take back the country” and records a video of herself stating her name and calling to arms those that are not satisfied with the corrupt government.

When all was said and done, Zapata made it to the hospital – fingers crossed that she will make a full recovery – and Jane is devastated about her brother.

She is also terrified that she will revert back to who she used to be, before her memory was erased, but Kurt reassures her that that’s not going to happen and they finally kiss and my shipper heart was doing cartwheels of joy.

That is, until guards interrupt their moment and tell Kurt he is being summoned by the Secret Service and has to go with them right away, as it’s a matter of national security.

And it turns out that it’s the Truman protocol that they have been searching for all this time. They pick a select group of government directors to run the government in the event of an attack on US soil.

The catch is, they need to stay in a bunker until it’s deemed necessary, and Kurt quickly realizes that that was exactly what Shepherd wanted and they have played right into her hands.

That said, it looks like he gets out soon enough, if the promo for next week’s finale is anything to go by:

Blindspot has been renewed for Season 3 and airs Wednesdays at 8/9C on NBC.

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