Bitter Daisies on Netflix review: What is show about?

Bitter Daisies on Netflix review
Bitter Daisies on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Bitter Daisies hit Netflix this weekend and a lot of people are curious about what to expect from this new Galician-language series. Here is a look at the new Netflix original series review and if it is worth your time to binge.

What is Bitter Daisies on Netflix about?

Bitter Daisies is a six-episode Galician-language Netflix original series about a police officer entering a small, close-knit town looking for a missing girl.

Here is the Netflix description:

While investigating the disappearance of a teen girl in a tight-knit Galician town, a Civil Guard officer uncovers secrets linked to a loss of her own.

Bitter Daisies originally releases in Spain on October 3, 2018, as O sabor das margaridas, and won the Best TV Series Award at the Mestre Mateo Awards.

It also picked up two actor nominations, a screenplay nomination, a cinematography nomination, as well as others for production design, production manager, and sound.

Bitter Daisies on Netflix review

Maria Mera stars as Rosa Vargas, a Civil Guard officer with some secrets in her own past that this case of a missing girl opens up for her. While Bitter Daisies is about the missing girl on the surface, dig deeper and you will see this is a solid psychological drama about overcoming your own past in order to try to move forward.

The mystery involved in Bitter Daisies is one that is solidly constructed, and that is despite the fact that the actual criminal is not really a secret throughout the six episodes.

Bitter Daisies is a similar set up to something like David Fincher’s amazing Netflix original series Manhunter, where the profile of the killer plays out and the show is more like a “why-dunnit” than a “who-dunnit”.

Rosa has a partner in this series but this is really just a story about the one detective, as the partner is one that Rosa is forced to work with — someone who lives in the community and can’t see the forest for the trees.

Similar to something like True Detective, there are hints and clues dropped in that never become apparent until later in the series, making Bitter Daisies a great puzzle series that has those “ah-ha!” moments that mystery fans love so much.

Through the years, Netflix has become the place to be for quality foreign language series, many of this trump the recent output from the U.S.

Bitter Daisies is proud to add to that quality and is a great drama wrapped up in a mystery for anyone looking for something not too long to binge over the weekend.

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2 years ago

First class show with a great understated performance by Maria Mere