Billy Dean on American Idol: Country music songwriter supports Chloe Channell

Billy Dean on American Idol
Billy Dean showed up to support Chloe Channell on American Idol. Pic credit: ABC

Billy Dean appeared on American Idol and viewers went crazy. He wasn’t there for himself though, he accompanied a hopeful Chloe Channell as she tried to make it to Hollywood.

When the judges saw Billy Dean there ready to play guitar for this young girl, they were impressed. He is closely associated with Kenny Rogers, something that both Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan knew right off the bat.

American Idol appearance

Chloe Channell chose to sing Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy while Billy Dean played the guitar. He was hoping she would be able to showcase all of the hard work she had put into her singing career.

While her audition was shaky in the beginning, Chloe Channell was able to impress all three of the judges. They gave her a unanimous yes for Hollywood which brought Billy Dean to tears.

It was something the judges noticed and commented on. He said he was so proud of the work she put in, giving up summers and spring breaks to make sure her dream of singing came true.

Who is Billy Dean?

As a country artist and songwriter, Billy Dean is popular in the world of country music. Throughout his career, he has garnered 20 hits on the Billboard charts with over half of them coming in the Top 10.

He has worked with The Judds, Allison Kraus, Kenny Rogers, Lonestar, and several more throughout his nearly 30-year career.

Seeing him invest in Chloe Channell proved that she had something special.

American Idol returns Sunday night at 8/7c on ABC.

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