‘Big Fan’ in the Dr. Pepper commercials revealed as The Boz

Brian Bosworth as the Big Fan
Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth was revealed as the Big Fan creature in the finale of Fansville. Pic credit: Dr. Pepper / YouTube

The season finale of Dr. Pepper’s “Fansville” ad campaign hit our screens last night during the National Championship.

We had, until now, been kept in suspense over the identity of the bigfoot style character known as Big Fan. If truth be told, some might have found the big reveal a little underwhelming.

Dr. Pepper broadcast adverts over the college football season in an episode-like marketing campaign. In this world, the fictional town of Fansville is obsessed with college football, and the town’s sheriff is a former linebacker for the Seattle Seahawks turned actor Brian ‘The Boz’ Bosworth.

The Boz was joined by Eddie George, another former NFL player, who played the town’s doctor. This “season” saw the town of Fansville under attack by a giant creature known as Big Fan. The unidentified creature was accused of going “through the goalposts like they were a toothpick” and of punching a “hole in the jumbotron.”

“He doesn’t just drink Dr. Pepper, he EATS IT,” exclaims Ray Wise at a visibly terrified Sheriff Bosworth.  Ray Wise of Twin Peaks fame was drafted in for one of the episodes/commercials and stole the show in that one.

The Big Fan creature finally honed into view as he attacked the mayor, who was in the process of announcing the start of the tailgate.

As Sheriff Bosworth attempts to calm the beast, we see the creature is actually played by Bosworth himself. A well-aimed football to the head of Big Fan by Doctor Eddie George brings the beast crashing down, and Fansville is saved.

It is fair to say reactions to the big reveal were somewhat mixed, as the selection of Twitter comments below shows. Many felt that the reveal fell well short of the expectations that had been built up. Although, some applauded the overall storyline and concept, those who just enjoyed the ride.

Big Fan viewers react to the Dr. Pepper commercial
“Big Fan” has been a big letdown for a lot of viewers. Pic credit: Twitter

This is the second season in a row for Fansville since Dr. Pepper retired Larry Culpepper as an advertising tool.

It remains to be seen if sales of Dr. Pepper will increase now that we all know that the Big Fan was played by Brian Bosworth.

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