Big Brother spoilers: Why is Jackson so mad at Cliff on live feeds?

BB21 Final Four Cast
Big Brother 21 final four cast members. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother spoilers come from the live feeds overnight. Jackson Michie could be seen getting really mad at Cliff Hogg, even to the point that his face and ears were starting to turn very red.

On Wednesday night, CBS viewers learned that Jackson won the Power of Veto. Nicole Anthony is the current Head of Household and she put Jackson and Holly Allen on the block. Now, Jackson has a chance to save himself.

There is going to be a live Veto Ceremony on Thursday night, where Jackson can use the POV to take himself off the block. That would then put Cliff up in his place, but Cliff is working hard to not go to the BB21 jury this week.

While Cliff doesn’t have any power left inside the house, he might have some power if he heads to the jury house. And what Cliff has had to say has Jackson cursing and cussing around the habitat.

Big Brother spoilers: Cliff presents his jury threat

Cliff has told Jackson that if he gets sent to the jury this week, he will not be voting for Jackson. He expounded upon that, explaining that Jackson would also lose Nicole’s vote. That would mean Jackson needs at least five of the remaining seven votes to become the Big Brother 21 winner.

Cliff wasn’t done there, though, as he can go to the BB21 jury and convince people to not vote for Jackson. Telling all of this to Jackson has made the 24-year-old pretty frustrated about what might come next. Some live feed viewers thought he was just moments from losing his cool.

It’s starting to get to Jackson, who went to Holly and revisited the plan of saving her at the Veto Ceremony and having her be the one to evict Cliff. He is also still very worried about what Tommy Bracco is saying in the jury house after the way he treated Tommy last week.

Jackson was still stewing over the situation as they all went to bed in the early morning hours of Thursday. It is something that will likely be revisited before the Thursday night Veto Ceremony and Eviction Ceremony, especially if Cliff decides to reiterate his plan.

Cliff Hogg had caused some Big Brother fans to turn on him, but could a move like this bring them back to his side ahead of the vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest?

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night in summer 2019 season.

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