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Big Brother spoilers: Who was nominated for eviction in week 5?

Haleigh and Bayleigh looking confused in the Big Brother house
Who did Bayleigh nominate for eviction on Big Brother?

Big Brother 20 has just entered week 5 and the competition is starting to pick up. With the first female evicted and another female running the house this week, there has been a definitive shift in the house.

Last night, Kaitlyn was sent packing by a vote of 9 to 1. The lone vote was JC trying to upset the house. Now that she is gone, there is less chaos.

Bayleigh won Head of Household. The competition will be shown on Sunday night’s show.

It was unclear who Bayleigh intended to target last night but there has been plenty of talk today about what will happen. She is planning to execute another backdoor plan.

As the fifth Head of Household, Bayleigh has to nominate two houseguests. This is her chance to make a bold move, one for her man at home. Swaggy was backdoored and she has been left to play alone, and now, revenge can happen.

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Bayleigh Amethyst Dayton. My ride or die in the Big Brother house. By far the most amazing girl I ever met in my life. On Day 3 in the Big Brother house, you got VERY sick and nobody wanted to sleep with you, so you didn’t have a bed. I said, “nah you’re sleeping with me, idc if I get sick.” So you and Rachel switched beds and we started sleeping together. On day 6, we had our first kiss & I literally went in the bathroom and cursed myself out over it because I was very adamant about not having a showmance… but you showed me that you cared about me on a personal level and not just a game level. You held my hand as we slept, kissed my forehead every morning when the BB alarm went off. You made me stop biting my nails and you gave me facial treatment every single night. You stayed in the bathroom while I showered, read the Bible with me, helped me change my diet, worked out with me every single day and defended me once I got backdoored, not caring if it would put a target on your back. People wonder how did we fall in love so easily in the Big Brother house…. listen. You’re trapped in Los Angeles, in a house 24/7 with people you don’t trust. You spend all your time with the ONE person you do trust. No social media, no contact with your friends, nothing. We spent over 600 hours together. You know how long it takes to spend 600 hours with someone?! All the stuff that takes y’all months to do in front of your partner such as: using the bathroom, kissing each other with morning breath, & being goofy.. we got used to all of that in days. She told me all about her family & the #DaytonDynasty. Robin, Brittany, Bre & Michael. They raised her RIGHT. We made a Vision Board & talked about our plans once the shows ends, but as for now – she’s still ON #BB20. Everybody cheer for my girl, and hope she wins the $500k. She’s better off w/out me in that house, because people will now FEAR her. Also, stop saying she “hid behind me” & “did whatever Swaggy wanted.” She’s an independent woman & she gon’ get real far in this game. I’ll be back on Finale Night in September 💫 I didn’t win the $500k, but I won her. And that, is a prize in itself. I love you @bayydayy. #Swayleigh 💍

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The nominations for week 5 are Brett and Rachel. Bayleigh has Rachel up there as a pawn only.

She still has a chance to go home, but she is a placeholder for who the HoH really wants out. If everything goes as planned, someone besides Brett will win the Power of Veto.

Scottie is the backdoor plan because he flipped on Swaggy and voted him out while wearing his shirt. Not only was that a dirty move, it was something that Bayleigh can’t forget. Despite her saying that they are cool, if either Brett or Rachel come down, Scottie will be nominated in their place.

After the Power of Veto is played tomorrow, things will be sorted out. Bayleigh still has the power to switch the nominations before they happen, which keeps her ahead in the game for at least a few more weeks.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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