Big Brother spoilers: Prankster unleashed on house, live feeds get chaotic

Holly During BB21 POV
Holly Allen battling for the POV on Big Brother 21 this summer. Pic credit: CBS

New Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that the cast knows about the prankster. They can already be seen discussing what is going to happen at a critical Nomination Ceremony later on Friday.

It’s been a busy 24 hours for the BB21 cast, including an eviction, a new HOH getting crowned, and America selecting a Big Brother prankster. Now it’s time for details to be revealed.

On Friday morning, the voting came to an end and producers let the houseguests know what was going on. The twist, though, is that the name of the prankster hasn’t been revealed to everyone.

Does the prankster even know yet? They have been told that the prankster can remain anonymous.

Big Brother spoilers from live feeds

Holly Allen is already getting very stressed out about the twist that is going to impact her Head of Household powers. She is meeting with everyone else, trying to set things in motion before the prankster reveals a nominee.

The punishments from the HOH Competition are also being played out, and it is leading to some anger from the other houseguests (primarily Nick Maccarone). The house is getting trashed.

One thing that was also answered is that if the nominee that the prankster goes with wins the Power of Veto, they get to choose the replacement. Likewise, if it is Holly’s nominee that wins the POV, she makes that decision.

Nomination Ceremony on Friday

Holly Allen will host a Nomination Ceremony on Friday. She gets to nominate one person for eviction, with her choices likely coming down to Nick or Christie Murphy. If she sticks to her plan with Jackson Michie, Nick is about to find himself on the block.

The Big Brother Prankster will get to name the second nominee, so that could really throw a wrench into everything. If America picked Nick as the second HOH, then he can’t be nominated for the week.

What happens then? Stay tuned, because it will lead to even more Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother has new CBS episodes each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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