Big Brother spoilers: Cliff Hogg causes some fans to turn on him

Cliff Hogg Nom Ceremony
Cliff Hogg made it to the final four during Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

When it comes to Big Brother spoilers about who might win America’s Favorite Houseguest this season, it is glaringly obvious that Cliff Hogg has turned some fans against himself.

Over the past week, Cliff has gone from being one of the most beloved members of the BB21 cast to setting up shop in the dog house. Some of the blame falls on the game moves he has made.

It seemed like Cliff was going to try to go to the final two with Nicole Anthony no matter what else happened in the game. Even when Cliff talked to Jackson Michie about a deal, viewers thought Cliff was just playing the game.

But when Cliff told Nicole Anthony that he couldn’t ever vote against Jackson due to a deal he made with him, it was something that a lot of live feed subscribers didn’t want to hear from him.

Conversations, where Cliff convinced Nicole to keep the showmance together (Jackson and Holly Allen), didn’t help things either.

Big Brother spoilers: Cliff Hogg falls in fan polls

There are a lot of sites doing fan polls, but one that is very telling is done by fan site Joker’s Updates. In that poll, Cliff had been the second most popular BB21 cast member. That was the case for a while, but he has slipped. A few days ago, Cliff fell to No. 6 in that poll, but today, he is in the No. 8 spot.

Nicole is in the top spot on the Joker’s Updates poll, with Jackson at No. 14 and Holly at No. 16. Those are the numbers midday on Wednesday, September 18. Jackson had also been much higher, right up until he went on the tirade of lies about Tommy Bracco. Then, Jackson also fell from a No. 9 spot.

It had seemed like Cliff Hogg had a real shot to win America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer. That seems far less likely now, even though anything could happen when the voting gets started.

Can Cliff turn things around? Or is he doomed to be remembered negatively by a lot of Big Brother fans?

Big Brother airs new CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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