Big Brother spoilers: Chaos Power gets used in house

Cliff Hogg Playing Big Brother
Cliff Hogg was the winner of Camp Comeback during Big Brother 21. Pic credit: CBS

Some Big Brother spoilers from early Saturday indicate that the Chaos Power has been used. This is the secret power that Jack Matthews won from the second Whactivity Competition and he just revealed it to the house.

To get to this point, though, a number of other events had to take place in the house first. It goes all the way back to the night where Ovi Kabir, Kemi Fakunle, and David Alexander were evicted from the house. Later that evening, Cliff Hogg won the Head of Household Competition.

With the power in hand, Cliff got to nominate two people for eviction. That’s when he made the bold move to nominate Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews for eviction. It might have been the boldest game move that any houseguest has made this season.

What is the Chaos Power?

The Chaos Power is the ability to make the houseguests redraw for the people playing in the Veto Competition. Jack didn’t like the original selections, so he played the Chaos Power in order to force them to draw again.

Who plays for Power of Veto on Big Brother?

The original players selected in the Veto draw were Sam Smith, Jessica Milagros, and Holly Allen. When the Chaos Power was used, the new players became Sam Smith, Analyse Talavera, and Kathryn Dunn. They join Jackson, Jack, and Cliff in the Veto Competition later on Saturday.

These aren’t the only Big Brother 21 spoilers from the last few days, as Jack has returned to his bullying behavior. He didn’t handle it well when he learned that he had been nominated for eviction. This was despite working hard to kick Cliff out of the house less than 24 hours before the nomination ceremony.

Stay tuned, because by the end of Saturday, who won the Power of Veto will be revealed and a specific idea of the final nominees for the week should be present on the CBS live feeds.

Big Brother airs new episodes on CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

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