Big Brother: Paul Abrahamian and Evel Dick Donato argue on Twitter about bullying, Big Brother 21 cast

Paul Abrahamian On Big Brother
Paul Abrahamian was on Big Brother 18 and Big Brother 19. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Paul Abrahamian, who finished second on Big Brother twice, has been arguing with Big Brother winner Evel Dick about their behavior when they were in the house. Paul has called him a bully and noted a number of other things on Twitter that bother him about the BB alum.

While the BB21 house has descended into chaos, many former houseguests are posting on social media about what has been going on. It has also created a situation where some of them are pointing out what they felt was bullying from past seasons.

Paul continued from there, posting several more times as responses to his original tweet. The quote below is one that he posted later that afternoon.

“I’m not gonna sit around & wait to hear that some houseguest killed themselves because they couldn’t handle the f***ing online bullying.”

Evel Dick addresses Paul on Twitter

Not one to mince words when it comes to posting on Twitter, Evel responded to Paul again, posting the following message on Twitter.

“Dear Paul, we remember what you did and had everyone in the house do to Dominique… to Cody trying to trigger PTSD & others, so your line of bull**** of “could be detrimental to one’s mental health” Go eat a bag of d****. At least I own the bull**** I did, you delusional f******.”

Paul vs Evel feud

The online arguing between Paul Abrahamian and Evel Dick Donato has been going on for years. They routinely disagree with what is going on during the show and are often posting barbs about each other on social media.

It often leads to fan involvement, like the posts below from Twitter. They point out some of the things that the former houseguests wouldn’t say themselves.

Bella Big Brother bullying

As seen in the latest episode of Big Brother 21, there are definitely some issues going on with the current houseguests. Many viewers felt that Bella Wang was bullying Nicole Anthony, which caused even more houseguests to post about it online.

CBS has to hope that the narrative will change soon. Maybe when Camp Comeback ends that can happen.

Big Brother 21 currently has CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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