Big Brother Head of Household: When will BB21 cast play for HOH?

Julie Chen Hosting BB21
Julie Chen is the Big Brother 21 host during summer 2019 season. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The new Big Brother Head of Household wasn’t decided during the Thursday night episode of the show. It was Double Eviction night, which didn’t give the BB21 cast enough time to decide on a new HOH.

It was a huge night for the cast, especially with who was sent out the front door. Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy were evicted, taking the cast down to just five houseguests competing for the $500,000 prize.

As the hour was coming to a close, host Julie Chen Moonves spoke about the next HOH Competition, which included some hints about it. She told the CBS audience that two members of the Big Brother 20 cast would host.

Bayleigh Dayton and Swaggy C will get to meet the remaining houseguests when they show up to host. A video of the veteran houseguests is shared below.

When will BB21 cast play for HOH?

There haven’t been any good hints about when the competition is going to take place. Since the Big Brother house was set up for a Double Eviction, it’s possible that it won’t take place on Thursday evening.

That could be an unfortunate development, as live feed subscribers want to see it all take place. While the live feeds did get turned on already, the houseguests aren’t preparing to compete for anything.

With all that being said, it is possible that the HOH Competition will take place on Friday (September 6). Since the Nomination Ceremony also takes place on Fridays, they might need to play for HOH early in the day.

The final five houseguests are Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Cliff Hogg, Nicole Anthony, and Tommy Bracco. Nicole has to sit out as the outgoing HOH, but that gives three people from her alliance a chance to knock off Tommy.

Can Tommy save himself this week? Or will he be heading to the BB21 jury shortly after his friend (from outside of the house) Christie?

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