Big Brother fire sends live feeds to fish — Who burnt the bacon?

Smoke rises in the Big Brother 20 kitchen as Brett's bacon burns
A fire in the Big Brother 20 house causes viewers to see fish

Things are getting hot in the Big Brother 20 house but they weren’t supposed to go this far! On Wednesday afternoon, what started out as a bit of experimentation in the kitchen turned into a fire that played out on the live feeds.

The latest Big Brother 20 drama started when house guest Brett Robinson decided to wow the house with his culinary skills. Promising to tantalize their taste buds with chocolate and maple bacon, rather than proving his kitchen prowess, Brett managed to start a fire in the oven.

As the concoction cooked, house guests could be heard on the live feeds talking about how it smells like something is burning. That’s when Brett, who was in the kitchen cooking with Kaycee, hollered at production to let them know that the oven is on fire.

Footage of the fire and how the BB20 cast handled it can be seen here:

After seeing flames in the oven, the Big Brother live feeds were cut and viewers got to see fish while the fire was put out. Thankfully, the burnt bacon fiasco wasn’t too big of a deal and no one was injured.

After production was able to get the fire out, the feeds came back up and the BB20 house guests were able to resume lounging around the BB20 house. Unfortunately, because of the blaze, no one got to see how great Brett’s candied bacon could be.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.