Big Brother Camp Comeback: Battle Back Competition tonight on Season 21, Episode 11

Ovi Kabir In Camp Comeback
Ovi Kabir was in Big Brother 21’s Camp Comeback. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother Camp Comeback twist has run its course. A Battle Back Competition on Thursday night will officially close the doors on Camp Comeback, with an evicted Big Brother 21 cast member getting another shot in the game.

Cliff Hogg and Nicole Anthony are the two nominees for eviction. Kathryn Dunn won the POV and saved Jessica Milagros from the block, leading to Nick choosing Nicole as a replacement nominee. Now, either Cliff or Nicole will become the final member of Camp Comeback.

Camp Comeback Challenge

Ovi Kabir, David Alexander, and Kemi Fakunle are the current residents of what amounts to a Have-Not Room in the house. They will be joined by either Cliff or Nicole during Season 21, Episode 11.

Once there are four evicted houseguests, a competition will be played to put one of them back in the game. The exact nature of that competition hasn’t been revealed, but there are several routes the producers could take.

With the Big Brother 20 cast, they had four evicted houseguests play in a challenge by themselves during an episode. The winner returned to the game and then played in the Head of Household Competition later that evening. The winner was Scottie Salton, who ended up getting voted out of the house soon after his return.

Another method that has been used is to have a large Endurance Challenge, where everyone but the outgoing HOH participates. The last person standing who was previously evicted returns to the game, but also continues competing to try to win the HOH crown.

Big Brother Season 21, Episode 11 preview

A lot could happen during Thursday night’s episode (July 18), including an exciting Eviction Ceremony to start out the night. Many viewers are glad that Camp Comeback is ending, but maybe the people forced to wear those uniforms are the happiest.

Who is going home tonight on Big Brother is anyone’s guess, but three houseguests are about to walk out to meet host Julie Chen. It’s unclear if the latest Head of Household Competition will take place before the episode comes to a close. If it doesn’t, that could be an opportunity for the Big Brother live feeds to show it.

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