Big Brother bullying: Nominee throwing out belongings of new HOH

Big Brother 21 Premiere Photo
Photo from Season 21, Episode 1 of Big Brother 2019. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

One Big Brother nominee is not taking their nomination for eviction very well. Anyone watching the live feeds on Friday got to see something play out that could lead to a lot of additional drama down the road.

Taking a step back, there are first some Big Brother spoilers to cover. Cliff Hogg won the Head of Household Competition that took place late Thursday evening. He was then tasked with naming two houseguests as nominee for eviction.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Cliff made a huge game move, placing Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews on the block.

It’s possible that Cliff is already seeing a consequence of going after one of the people already received as a bully in the house.

Jack Matthews bullying resumes

Jack wasn’t on the block very long before he decided it was time to throw away cereal boxes that Cliff had been saving to celebrate the first moon landing.

It’s not just the live feed subscribers who are calling Jack petty and ridiculous, now it is some of the BB21 cast joining in on the views.

Maybe the people in the house haven’t been paying attention for as long as the fans have?

When Sam Smith passed on the story of Jack throwing away some cereal boxes and hiding others behind the toaster, Christie Murphy called him a “goon.”

But maybe someone should let Jack know that putting cardboard next to a toaster is not a good idea?

Punishment vote for rule violations?

Destroying the personal belongings of another houseguest can result in a penalty vote being levied against the person who does it.

It is already a topic of conversation on social media, as fans begin reacting to the pettiness of Jack’s actions.

It’s also worth noting that Cliff is the person Jack just voted to evict, so his reactions are quite hypocritical.

Maybe Cliff should have made Jack a Have-Not when he made his choices earlier in the day.

Big Brother 21 airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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