Big Brother 21 rumors: Is the 2019 summer season going to be All-Stars?

Derrick Levasseur On Big Brother
Derrick Levasseur could be good for Big Brother 21 if they do an All-Stars season. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother 21 rumors continue to float around social media that the summer 2019 season will have All-Stars participating in the reality competition show.

It’s important to point out that these rumors don’t stem from CBS, casting director Robyn Kass, or returning host Julie Chen. Instead, fans and former houseguests of the program have floated the rumors.

With very little information for fans to go on, the BB21 cast rumors have led to a lot of conjecture and misinformation getting posted on Twitter. That includes several fake cast lists and even numerous jokes from former houseguests about who might be reappearing on the show.

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Big Brother 21 rumors: Could there be an All-Stars cast?

Yes. Its possible producers would look to the past for the summer 2019 season. It’s possible that some of the more polarizing and exciting players of the past 10 years could show up in the house again.

It wouldn’t be hard to find enough controversial people to do it, and it certainly seems like an easy way to put together the BB21 cast.

At the same time, there are also a lot of fans who would enjoy seeing people like Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur going against two-time runner-up Paul Abrahamian.

Not all fans want returning houseguests

The success of Big Brother 20 showed how much viewers could enjoy a cast made up entirely of new people. That the show continues to get good ratings also shows that stunt casting isn’t necessary.

The summer version of the show doesn’t have to be the same format as Celebrity Big Brother is each winter.

An argument has always been made that returning houseguests have an advantage in the game, making it more difficult for new players to win the season.

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother 18 when producers gave her another shot. Paul came up just short in Big Brother 19, even though he ran the house.

Big Brother - Derrick's Cross-Examination

While there are going to continue to be more Big Brother 21 rumors, right up until the new cast is announced this summer, it’s still entirely unclear if it will consist of All-Stars.

It might be fun, but if it’s a cast that viewers don’t really like, it also runs the risk of having poor ratings.

There were a lot of applications and casting sessions for this summer, so there isn’t a shortage of people who want to play the game.

That said, it could easily be a season similar to last year, where Big Brother presents a new theme, but everyone is playing the game for the first time.

Theories about when the summer 2019 cast will be revealed have been discussed, but fans and social media users should take all current Big Brother 21 rumors with a grain of salt. The start date will be here soon enough.

Big Brother returns to CBS with new episodes during summer 2019.

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