Big Brother 21 rumors: Is chatter about a reset week real?

Holly Allen Battling In BB21
Holly Allen was the first member of the Big Brother 21 cast to win HOH twice. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 21 rumors stemming from the live feeds now include a reset week. Could the BB21 cast be in for another twist as Prank Week comes to an end?

On Thursday night, an Eviction Ceremony is set that will determine whether Christie Murphy or Nick Maccarone is going to lose their shot at the $500,000 prize. But will there even be an eviction?

An article from fan site Big Brother Network raised some interesting questions about the whole situation. It was noted that if a reset week were to take place, that would make it easier to do a BB21 cast Double Eviction.

That would all make sense, especially because producers could play it off as being part of Prank Week. Not only that, but Nick and Christie are two of the most polarizing people in the house, so keeping them around for another week could increase the drama level of the season.

Big Brother 21 rumors: How would Prank Week reset work?

Taking the theory one step further, it could be easy to predict how it would work if a Big Brother 21 reset were to take place.

CBS has already announced that the August 29 Head of Household Competition is an Endurance Challenge. If they did a reset and allowed Nick and Christie to stay, having an Endurance Challange that allowed everyone to play could even the playing field. It would also allow Holly Allen the chance to play again.

Last week, host Julie Chen Moonves told the BB21 cast that the winner of the HOH would be impacted by Prank Week, but that they would still be safe from eviction. Could she have been hinting at something like a reset taking place?

Nothing from production has suggested that a reset is really going to happen, but houseguests and fans have been talking about it a lot, making these very intriguing Big Brother 21 rumors. We will all just have to tune in on Thursday night to find out for sure.

Big Brother airs new CBS each Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday night.

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