Big Brother 2019 house tour: Announcement made by Julie Chen

Big Brother 2019 Host Julie Chen
Big Brother 21 host Julie Chen. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

The Big Brother 2019 house tour is going to reveal a lot about the summer 2019 season. That includes what the BB21 cast has already seen inside the house and what the theme is going to be for Season 21.

There have been a number of hints online over the past few days, suggesting that an outdoors or camping theme could be used this season. It follows a revelation of the full BB21 cast from Monday.

Now, host Julie Chen has revealed when the long-awaited view behind the scenes will be given to fans.

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Big Brother 2019 house tour

Taking to her Twitter account, Chen stated that the full BB21 house tour will get revealed on June 21. It’s a pre-taped version of the segment, as the cast is already playing the game. It will be shown on her Twitter account.

Every summer, the reality competition uses a new theme to draw interest to the program. For the summer 2018 season, a technology theme was used. That included having a Hacker assigned for two weeks who could shake up the game.

Additional themes from the past have included teams, All-Stars, duos, secret twins, and even a season with a saboteur controlled by America. This is what makes the revelation of the Big Brother 2019 house tour and the theme very exciting for viewers.

Big Brother 2019 scheduled start date

The first episode of the new season arrives at 8/7c on June 25. CBS is presenting Big Brother 21 episodes again and the schedule has shifted slightly to have Tuesday episodes for a while.

The two-night season premiere is stretched over June 25-26 and it will serve as an introduction to the new cast members. There are some interesting people in the mix and even some potential spoilers about the first HOH.

Big Brother 2019 returns with new episodes beginning June 25 on CBS.

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