Big Brother 2019 cast: When does CBS reveal the names?

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Big Brother 2019 cast will seek to improve upon cast from summer 2018. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Big Brother 2019 cast news is a hot topic among fans of the show. This is something social media users know, which has led to a number of fake cast lists being posted on Twitter.

The misinformation often stems from the secrecy that CBS and producers of the show apply to the situation. They work hard to ensure that cast lists aren’t leaked before the show starts up each summer.

In an effort to avoid those leaks, it often means a delay in announcing when the new cast will be revealed to the public. That may have been the case again this summer.

When will CBS reveal Big Brother 2019 cast?

CBS recently revealed that Julie Chen is returning as the host and that the season premiere of Big Brother 21 is on June 25. It’s a Tuesday night, which is a slight departure from the show airing on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

As for when CBS will reveal the Big Brother 2019 cast, it will likely take place early in the week prior to the premiere. Working with the June calendar, that could put the reveal date on Monday, June 17.

The names will only be revealed after the BB21 cast has been sequestered (hidden away from the public). Revealing the summer 2019 cast on June 17 would give the producers a lot of time to prepare footage for the season as well.

With the start date moved up to a Tuesday this year, nobody should be surprised if production reveals the names on Friday, June 14. Either way, fans are very close to finding out who is going to be playing the game this summer.

New season of Big Brother

When the names on the BB21 cast list are finally revealed, it may also give answers about the theme that producers will use this summer. Last year, a technology theme was used, where one of the houseguests was presented by a robot for a while.

Get ready for another exciting summer of the show, with twists and turns provided on a weekly basis for the reality competition series. This will serve as the 21st time that the show has aired in the summer, in addition to one online season and two celebrity versions.

Big Brother 2019 will air on CBS beginning on June 25.

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