Big Brother 2018 start date: When does reality show return for Season 20?

Julie Chen presenting Big Brother
Julie Chen, who is expected to return as host of Big Brother in 2018

Summer’s nearly here and it’s that time of year again — when Big Brother returns!

The CBS show is back for Season 20 in 2018, 18 years since the groundbreaking reality series first aired back in 2000.

But when does Big Brother start this year? Here’s everything we know so far.

Big Brother 2018 air date

An official air date has not yet been announced for Big Brother 2018, but going by previous years the series is most likely to return in late June.

For the past five seasons the show has premiered on the last or penultimate Wednesday in the month. Due to the way the calendar falls this year, it looks most likely that the Big Brother will return for Season 20 on June 26, 2018, although it’s also possible it could air a week earlier (June 19) or later (July 3).

Keep checking back as we’ll update this article as soon as we know the official start date.

Big Brother Season 20 cast: Have the contestants been chosen?

The cast list isn’t yet known, although the casting process is believed to have been completed (or to be nearing completion).

It began back in March with several casting calls taking place across the country, as well as an online application process.

The deadline for applications was April 22. Contestants then had to go through several rounds before the finalists that will appear on the show were chosen.

Julie Chen is expected to return as host.

Big Brother 2018 prize: How much is on the line?

Like in previous seasons, the grand prize for Big Brother Season 20 is $500,000. The show is expected to last around 100 days and will be filmed in the Big Brother house in Los Angeles.

Last year there were 87 HD cameras and 100 microphones fitted around the house, so there’s no hiding!

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