Big Brother 20 teaser released: As start date nears, what can we expect from return of CBS hit?

Big Brother season 20 logo
The logo for Big Brother Season 20, which premieres on Wednesday, June 27

Big Brother 20 premieres in just a few short weeks and fans are already starting to get excited. It’s hard not to after the first CBS teaser of the season just dropped, promising that Season 20 will be even bigger than ever before!

In the new Big Brother 20 trailer, we don’t get any hints as to who may be joining the cast but that’s okay. Typically cast reveals won’t be made until much closer to the June 27 premiere.

Instead, Big Brother fans were treated to a montage of clips from past seasons and a reminder that this year marks 20 years of the CBS hit. With that milestone will come many surprises as show producers work to keep the show fresh.

On premiere night, get ready for a two-hour special as viewers get to know the BB20 house guests. From there, episodes will air three times a week, on Sunday at 8 pm EST and again on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 pm EST.

In case that’s not enough of your favorite show, Big Brother 20 fans can watch the feeds too with a subscription to CBS Live. Just like other seasons, there is a free trial of the live feeds for those who want to check it out first.

The live feeds will be available on Thursday at 10 pm EST for those who want to check out the inside of the BB house prior to the premiere date.

One thing that was shared about the cast of BB20 is that there will be no returning cast members from previous seasons. Last season, Paul Abrahamian returned from the previous season, only to take home the second place prize again.

Though not the first Big Brother alum to return for another competition, it was not well received and many referred to BB19 as the worst in CBS history. Let’s hope that the changes made to BB20 will turn the franchise around and make this the exciting game we’ve all grown to love.

Big Brother 20 premieres June 27 at 8 pm EST on CBS.

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