Big Brother 20 spoilers: With Rachel and Brett on the block, who goes home in week 5?

Tyler Crispen on Big Brother 20
Tyler schemes on Big Brother 20

Bayleigh Dayton is the Head of Household on Big Brother 20 this week and she tried to shake things up with the Level 6 alliance. Tyler won the Power of Veto but chose not to use it even though his own alliance members were on the block. So who will go home this week, Rachel or Brett?

As we’ve seen for the past five weeks, it doesn’t really matter who the HoH is, Tyler has his hands in everything and this week is no different. Even though he and Bayleigh have talked about having each other’s back, Tyler made it clear that he isn’t loyal to the current HoH at all.

As the minutes tick down to the live eviction, the house still hasn’t settled on who to send home. Bayleigh really wants Brett gone this week and thinks she even has the numbers to do it. On the other hand, Tyler and the Level 6 alliance have been working to make sure that Rachel is sent home instead.

To make matters even more complicated, Bayleigh told Rachel about her still-unused power in an effort to prove that she wasn’t the target. The problem is, Rachel quickly told Angela and she ran to tell Tyler.

Now Tyler and the rest of the L6 alliance know about Bayleigh’s power and are trying to figure out how to use that information for their own benefit. With everyone knowing who is behind the future nomination changes, it diminishes part of the power since the HoH who is affected isn’t allowed to even say anything.

During the live eviction speeches, Brett put Bayleigh all the way on blast when he explained exactly what her power was. He also explained that he was the target and Rachel was the pawn.

Brett also claimed that, with the exception of Sam, the women of the Big Brother 20 house had formed another alliance called the Maneaters and were planning to evict all the men.  With that, it was time to vote.

Votes for Brett to leave: Rockstar, Scottie, Faysal, Haleigh

Votes for Rachel to leave: Angela, Kaycee, Tyler, Sam, JC

With five votes, Rachel was evicted from the Big Brother 20 house even though Bayleigh made it very clear that her target was Brett. This latest eviction on BB20 just proves again that pawns go home.

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