Big Brother 20 spoilers: Will Scottie Salton be penalized for lewd comment during live eviction?

Scottie and Haleigh on Big Brother 20 right before the live eviction
Scottie Salton didn’t take the high road but he did call out Tangela for their secret showmance — Pic credit: CBS

On Thursday night, Scottie Salton really did his best to outdo Brett with his live eviction speech. His attempt to call out the “cowards” was brave.  But CBS and Angela Rummans are not happy about his reference to Hilton Head.

Even though Scottie entered the BB20 house a virgin (and left the same way), his eviction night speech was apparently very offensive. So much so that he likely won’t be asked back to do any Big Brother appearances in the future.

To make matters worse, his stipend for appearing on the show may even take a hit if they choose to fine him.

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Why would Scottie Salton be in trouble?

Some may be asking why Scottie might be in trouble considering what other houseguests have gotten away with this season. After all, JC has been the topic of conversation for his behavior in the house.  Likewise, some of Brett’s speeches calling out houseguests were both epic and full of lies.

It turns out that Scottie has offended in the highest way because his speech was done during live TV and though they were able to bleep out the “Hilton Head” part, which referenced both the Tangela showmance and where both of its members are from, it was still live TV and meant they couldn’t choose whether to air the shocking comment or not.

Was Scottie’s speech tacky? Clearly. Was it worse than other things that have happened in the Big Brother 20 house this season? Probably not.

Angela was not amused

While we didn’t see it happen on the live feeds or the CBS broadcast, but it has been reported that Angela has been complaining about what Scottie said on Thursday’s live eviction.

According to the @realvegas4sure Twitter account, Angela made a beeline for production. She complained about what Scottie said and according to the Big Brother source, she also talked about the comments being slander.

It’s worth noting that, so far this season, every Big Brother spoiler shared by this Twitter account has been accurate.

It looks like there won’t be a slander case against Scottie due to the Big Brother contracts but there definitely will be consequences.

Bad news for Scottie

While he may have thought his Hilton Head comment was a funny pun, CBS executives did not. Don’t be surprised if Scottie never gets asked back to future seasons of Big Brother.

So it may really be the end of the road for Scottie Salton and his ties to Big Brother after this season ends. However, he’s still in the jury house and can still impact the rest of the jury.

That could be bad news for Angela. Then again, her jury management was already a disaster.

Big Brother 20 airs on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS. 

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