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Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto during week 5?

JC and Tyler at the bathroom mirror in the Big Brother house
Tyler won the Power of Veto during week 5 in Big Brother

Big Brother 20 has picked up the pace since the first week. Game mode is in full force and the Power of Veto has been played.

After Kaitlyn was evicted from the Big Brother house, everyone was wondering what would happen next. She failed to complete the puzzle that would have given her a bonus life to head back into the game with her guns blazing.

Bayleigh won the Head of Household competition. There was some concern about how things would play out this week. Big Brother fans wondered who she would target because her head was all over the place. Would she get revenge for Swaggy C and Scottie’s betrayal?

Yesterday, Bayleigh nominated Brett and Rachel for eviction. There was a conversation about Rachel being the pawn, but now, we aren’t sure if that is the case any longer. Level 6 (now 5) has two members on the block. Rachel hasn’t done much this summer (which could be her strategy) but will that hurt her or help her?

The Power of Veto was played earlier today. Of course, Bayleigh, Brett, and Rachel were playing. Tyler, JC, and Sam were picked to play as well. It is unclear what the competition was, but the feeds were down for nearly six hours.

As it turns out, Tyler won the Power of Veto competition. Will he use it to save one of the members of his alliance, or will he keep it for himself and let the cards fall where they fall?

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday night at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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