Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who won Power of Veto week 1?

The newest alliance forming on Big Brother 20
The PoV winner holds the fate of Sam and Steve in their hands

Big Brother 20 is already in full swing and we are here for it. As the Power of Veto competition takes place, this is the most important competition for the nominated players to win.

Going into the Power of Veto competition, there are already some scenarios being worked out. We know that Tyler won the Head of Household competition and nominated Sam and Steve for eviction. His nominations were weak, something that has been noted by the other houseguests.

Fans will get to watch JC host the first Power of Veto competition. So far, he has been pretty tame, something that was unexpected given his slew of inappropriate videos surfacing online. The players chosen for the PoV competition ended up being Tyler, Sam, Steve, Scottie, Swaggy C, and Faysal.

The Big Brother 20 houseguests appear to be split about who they want going home. Sam has made friends who want her to stay, but there is also a group who would prefer Steve to stay. There is talk about Bayleigh going up as the replacement nomination should either nominee win, however, that isn’t sitting well with Swaggy C because of their showmance. He is going to play to make sure there will be no changes made.

After playing the Power of Veto competition, Faysal came out victorious. It appears it was some kind of guessing competition.

At this point, it looks like the nominations will remain the same. At least that’s what he’s telling Tyler. Sam and Steve will not come off the block, especially with Faysal aligning with “Swayleigh.”