Big Brother 20 spoilers: Who was nominated for eviction week 2?

Angie 'Rockstar' Lantry looking into a kaleidoscope in the Big Brother 20 house
Big Brother 20 nominations have been set

Big Brother 20 is entering the second week of competition. The nominations are in and already things are becoming tense in the house. It didn’t take long for the houseguests to wonder whether they chose the right side of the house to align with.

On Thursday night after the first live eviction, the new Head of Household was crowned. It was a game of luck, nothing more. Kaitlyn won the game, scoring herself the first female HoH of the season.

There has been plenty of talk about who should be nominated for eviction going forward. Tyler has definitely been in Kaitlyn’s ear the entire day, talking about how things should go. She did have conversations with each of the houseguests, something that was a little awkward to watch on the live feeds.

Going forward, the plan is to backdoor Swaggy C and blindside him while doing it. In order to make this happen, Kaitlyn will have to put up two pawns and with the hope that someone wins the Power of Veto to save one of them and replace them with Swaggy C. If that doesn’t happen, her plan (or should we say Tyler’s plan) will backfire.

As it stands now, Kaitlyn has nominated Winston and Scottie for eviction. One of them could be in danger of going home, especially if Swaggy C ends up winning the PoV for any reason. He lost the competition last week to Faysal, but he is determined to prove he is a competition beast.

Remember though, Sam still has the bonus life power. This could be a game-changing move, and Big Brother fans are waiting to see what the “battle back” will be.

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