Big Brother 20 spoilers for Week 6: Who did Angela nominate for eviction?

Angela in the Big Brother house
Angela is the reigning HoH in week 6

Big Brother 20 just entered week 6 and it looks like it was going to be a predictable week. Rachel was sent packing last night, leaving one side of the house feeling blindsided.

After the excitement of Brett staying in the house, Angela was able to go to the backyard and crush the gif competition. She beat Rockstar in the tiebreaker and was able to win her first HoH with ease.

It became apparent that Level 6 (now 4) was going to be running the Big Brother show this week. Angela was sitting pretty, keeping Tyler, Brett, and Kaycee safe. Moving forward, they are all members of the jury at the very least.

Nominations happened earlier today. Big Brother added another twist in the game, so the nominations happened earlier than most anticipated.

Angela went ahead and decided it was best to put Rockstar and Scottie on the block. While it appears that Scottie is the pawn, last night proved that pawns go home on Big Brother.

There was speculation that Bayleigh may have used her power app this week, but that did not happen yet. The Power of Veto will be played tomorrow and if either Scottie or Rockstar win, she may end up being the replacement nominee.

With the hacker competition in play and how it impacts the game a mystery, Big Brother 20 could have a lot of ups and downs this week!

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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