Big Brother 20 spoilers: Tyler sends Kaitlyn a message on live feeds

Kaitlyn crying on Big Brother
Kaitlyn will be crushed after hearing Tyler’s message

Big Brother 20 has been keeping viewers entertained this week. Kaitlyn was given the boot last week and everything she did and said in the house was discussed.

There was a lot of talk about Kaitlyn and her relationships with the men in the house. Rumors swirled about inappropriate conduct, but nothing was ever confirmed.

She walked into the house with a boyfriend but it looks like he was done with her after watching her actions in the Big Brother house.

Since exiting the house, Kaitlyn returned to social media. She admitted that she was developing feelings for Tyler. That wasn’t surprising for the live feed viewers who saw her spell out she would give up everything for him during one of their massage sessions.

During some point this week, Tyler was able to get some alone time in the backyard while shooting pool. He took this opportunity to send Kaitlyn a message. He knew she would likely be tuning in to see how things were going in the Big Brother house.

Tyler essentially warned Kaitlyn about karma because of how she did him dirty. The video makes it hard to hear what he is saying so turning up your volume is recommended. He is playing a good game, and he feels like Kaitlyn tried to sabotage him.

When Big Brother 20 finale night rolls around, the dynamic between Tyler and Kaitlyn will be interesting if nothing else. Once she was evicted, everyone compared notes and they did not like what they found.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday night at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.