Big Brother 20 spoilers: Rockstar remains in meltdown mode

Rockstar seething after Brett accused her of switching votes
Rockstar is upset with Brett

Big Brother 20 is kicking off with some heavy drama headed into week 4. After the eviction speech from Brett got under Rockstar’s skin, things still haven’t settled in the house.

Sam won the Head of Household competition last night. She not only proved that she was in it to win it, but also that she is a fierce competitor when it comes to endurance challenges. With the nominations being up to her, it could be a surprising week.

Rockstar is still seething over Brett lying and throwing her under the bus. The tears have been flowing and she is whining to anyone who will lend an ear. Unfortunately, some of her alliance members believe what Brett said may be true.

Moving forward, Sam has said several times that Rockstar will not be nominated this week. While she hasn’t ruled out using her as a Power of Veto replacement nomination, it looks like the distraught mother will be hanging on for at least one more week.

Kaitlyn believes what Brett said about Rockstar. It is clear that the two are no longer as friendly as they were, and it looks like things may blow up between them as well. Kaitlyn is upset that Rockstar is acting out after Brett’s accusations and wants to speak to him.

There is about to be a huge meltdown in the Big Brother house and it may just happen this week. After several seasons of players voting together and avoiding scenes like this, BB20 viewers are eating up all this drama.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights at 8/7c and Thursday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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