Big Brother 20 spoilers: Kaitlyn Herman returns to social media

Kaitlyn crying in the Big Brother house
Kaitlyn has returned to social media after Big Brother 20

Kaitlyn Herman is out of the Big Brother house and back to reality. She was evicted last night after she failed to save herself by completing a puzzle for a chance to walk back into the game.

Since the show began five weeks ago, Kaitlyn has kept the live feeds and shows interesting. She walked into the house with a boyfriend but she likely didn’t come home to one.

Kaitlyn reportedly did a lot of things with the men in the Big Brother house. While nothing was confirmed, it appeared that she got too close with Faysal, Tyler, and Brett.

Earlier in the game, Kaitlyn’s boyfriend spoke out on Twitter. It was clear he pulled his release from CBS when they blurred out his photo when she was Head of Household.

Fans have been speaking out in disgust over what Kaitlyn may have done with the other men in the house and apparently, her boyfriend was on the same page.

There has been a lot of build up over Kaitlyn returning to social media. She was evicted just over 24 hours ago, and now, she has responded on Twitter.

For a while, her account was locked down. Now, she is sharing a message from her page about the game and the aftermath she is dealing with.

Acknowledging her wrongs is something Kaitlyn did in her message. She mentioned she didn’t mean to hurt anyone and that she has a lot of healing to do outside of the Big Brother house.

No specific comments have been made about her relationship with Joe. Many are betting she will have to move on without him.

Because she is back to reality, Kaitlyn will likely be on social media more and commenting on the game as it plays out. There is plenty to sort out for her and it looks like she will have the time to do it on her own.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday night at 8/7c and Thursday night at 9/8c on CBS.

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