Big Brother 20 spoilers: Julie Chen takes viewers on a tour of the BB20 house

Big Brother 20 house tour by Julie Chen
Julie Chen takes us on a tour of the Big Brother 20 house

Big Brother 20 is going to be a lot of fun this year and the touches added to the BB house will just make it that much better.

Big Brother spoilers have been few and far between even with the CBS hit set to premiere in less than a week, but on Wednesday host Julie Chen gave a tour of the inside of the house and all of the neat new features.

“This year the theme is technology, being playful and interactive,” Julie Chen said as the Big Brother house tour began.

The first part of the BB house that we saw was a living room on a platform that moves. The sectional sofa, tables and everything else was built on a big circular platform that spins around to reveal a 23-foot high rock climbing wall where BB20 houseguests can work on their fitness and burn some energy.

Proving that Big Brother 20 will allow just as little privacy as the seasons before it, Julie also showed off two of the new bedrooms where houseguests will be sleeping.

As seen in BB20 teaser photos, there will be a blue room and a pink room but they won’t always stay separated. The wall slides away between the pink and blue bedrooms, making one huge bedroom.

There are actually three bedrooms. A smaller room with only three beds in it is called the “fidget spinner room” and has the trendy toys stuck all over the walls.

Next up on Julie Chen’s tour of the Big Brother 20 house is the dining room and kitchen area. There is a huge round table with place settings for 16 people plus a moving bar with three more seats.

In the kitchen, Julie made special mention of a huge gummy bear that sits on top of the refrigerator. She said that it would hold 18,120 gummy bears if someone wanted to put that many in there. Take note of that gummy bear because it will surely come up again later.

The super psychedelic kaleidoscope room has a lifesize pin wall for the Big Brother 20 cast to play with. The room itself is very colorful with kaleidoscope-type decorations and tons of pillows.

Big Brother 20 house tour with Julie Chen
The kaleidoscope room in the Big Brother 20 house

Houseguests are getting a bigger bathroom this season. They have been blessed with four sinks instead of the standard two. That will come in handy, especially at the beginning of the Big Brother 20 season when the house is full.

Many aspects of social media have been incorporated into the design of the Big Brother 20 house including emoji pillows and “Snapchat filters” which are actually plexiglass frames with various masks or filters on them like the infamous Snapchat dog face and also a pirate.

Julie Chen gives a tour of the Big Brother 20 house
The Big Brother 20 HoH room has been upgraded with a new look and some new hi-tech toys

The HoH room got an upgrade also. The color theme in the HoH room is red and grey but the tiles on the wall can change to any of a rainbow of colors.

The latest high-tech feature added to that special bedroom is surveillance cameras. In the past, those hiding out in the H0H room could only see who was outside their door. Now they can see what people are doing in all of the rooms but they can’t hear them.

The Big Brother 20 house looks very high tech but we don’t suppose they would stop with the furnishings. Stay tuned to see what other high tech surprises might be in store for the BB20 cast.

Big Brother 20 premieres on Wednesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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