Big Brother 20 spoilers: Bayleigh gets reckless with her mouth

Bayleigh in the Big Brother house
Bayleigh’s comments have her under fire on social media

Big Brother 20 has kept things interesting. Commentary from live feed viewers and past players have been filling social media. Everything from what is happening in the house to personal attacks on Big Brother houseguests has been discussed.

Bayleigh’s behavior has been called into question several times now. A few weeks ago, a conversation she had with JC was aired on the show. Derogatory remarks were made by both, but somehow, JC was painted in the wrong.

Of course, there have been several other incidents that have directly impacted viewers’ thoughts on the flight attendant from Missouri.

Aside from being caught calling JC a midget over and over again behind his back, she also took aim at Faysal. She called him out over his religion, saying some pretty heinous things.

Bayleigh called him a “Paki” though that isn’t where he is from. She made comments about finding him a virgin and kept using “they” to describe Muslims.

Earlier today, the Power of Veto ceremony took place. Angela won the PoV on Saturday and she is also the HoH.

After saving Tyler from the block, she decided to put up Bayleigh and backdoor her. It is likely she will be voted out and given that, she isn’t shutting her mouth. Instead, she is saying whatever she wants despite it being considered racist by many fans.

There is complete outrage from live feed viewers who heard Bayleigh say she didn’t want to live with “these crazy-a** white people” anymore. This is not the first time she has made comments like this.

Recently, she told Rockstar that she hates “white people.” This was in response to Rockstar talking about Brett and his privilege.

If Bayleigh is evicted this week, she will be headed to the jury house. At this point, no one is going home until Big Brother 20 ends. We are still several weeks out from that, and that means that Bayleigh will have to live with these people until the end.

The reception she will get from the live feed viewers and America when she returns to social media and real life will be interesting. If this ends up anything like the drama Aaryn Gries from season 15 came home to, Bayleigh will be dealing with a lot of uncomfortable things.

At least she will have her boyfriend, Swaggy C waiting for her on the outside. He’s been cheering for her despite all of the outrage.

Big Brother airs Sunday and Wednesday nights 8/7c and Thursday night 9/8c on CBS.