Big Brother 20 speculation: Is Steve Arienta sequestered?

Steve Arienta was evicted on Big Brother, but will he be back?

Big Brother 20 has been full of surprises. The first live eviction left some of the houseguests stunned when it was revealed that Steve Arienta had been evicted.

After his eviction, the former undercover cop headed out to talk to Julie Chen. Fans expected Steve Arienta to head home to New Jersey and begin watching the season along with other fans. But right now, everyone is wondering where he is.

The speculation is that Big Brother is holding Steve Arienta in sequester. This makes sense because Sam Bledsoe holds the bonus life power. It was explained that when this was used, the evicted player would have a chance to battle back into the game.

It looks like the player who uses the bonus life (Sam doesn’t have to use it on herself) will have to compete for their spot on Big Brother. The lifespan of the power is only four weeks and if by the fourth live eviction it has not been used, the fourth player evicted will be given the chance to return.

Steve Arienta has a Twitter handle created by friends and family. Viewers assumed that he would take over once he returned home, but that has not been the case. Instead, a tweet from the account confirmed that it was still being run by friends and family.

There have been various articles popping up in the media about Steve Arienta commenting on certain things the houseguests have said. Most notably, US Weekly shared his comments about the situation with Kaitlyn Herman spewing the N-word.

If Steve Arienta is indeed in sequester, him being allowed to know what is happening in the house wouldn’t be typical at all. But if there isn’t a sequester happening, then where is he and why isn’t he returning to watch the season with other Big Brother viewers?

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